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SCIL-EMV Academy is the only independent U.S. EMV training organization.  We offer a broad based curriculum designed to arm issuers, acquirers, processors, merchants and others with the key information, implementation strategies and processes needed to move seamlessly and cost effectively to EMV.  The industry’s broadest and deepest range of EMV training workshops is delivered in person and online.  Our new 2015 public workshop schedule is now available for registration.

In addition to our published class schedule, we offer all levels of private class customization either hosted at our training academy or on-site at your own facility.

The following is our current published class schedule. If you can’t find what you are looking for, call one of our specialists today and we will customize a workshop for you. Please e-mail all questions and requests to or call Stewart at 818-681-3588 or Mansour at 516-338-8880 or

DISCLAIMER: SCIL-EMV Academy reserves the right to cancel any class for any reason. These include Travel Difficulties, Weather, Venue change or ANY other unforeseen circumstances. All sales are final. No refunds. Students who miss a workshop can make it up at a later date by arrangement with the instructor.


EMV – The Fundamentals, A Deep Dive EMV, Contactless & Mobile for Acquirers, Issuers, Processors + 98 Cuttermill Road, New York, New York 11021 September 24 & 25 $1095 $950 September 28, 2017
EMV – The Fundamentals, A Deep Dive EMV, Contact, Contactless 98 Cutternill Rd, New York, New York 11021 Oct 16 + 17, 2017 $1095 $995 September 15, 2017
HCE – Understanding the Distributed Ledger, Blockchain, Bitcoin + 98 Cuttermill Rd New York, New York October 17, 2017 $595 $495 September 15, 2017
EMV – The Fundamentals – ONLINE 4 Module Workshop Online October 28, 21, 14, 7 2017 $1395 $1195 October 28, 2017
EMV – The Fundamentals, London Great Britain London, Great Britain Movember 6 & 7 $1295 $1095 October 2, 2017
EMV – The Fundamentals New York, New York November 2 & 3 $1295 $1095 September 22, 2017